ReChrome forks


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I remember someone saying there were a number of places that Re-chromed fork tubes in Western Australia.

Who should I call!


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S/W Australia
Meon Valley Racer said:
Hardchrome Sales in Welshpool did some for me.  Very knowledgeable and helpful. Good service but a bit expensive

Cheers, Tom

Any company involved with the mining industry will be expensive.
I need the stanchions on my GS bm done as well as the after market Motodd forks which seems to have pitted while sitting the shed!!
How much did they charge??


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RAD Hard Chrome in Brisbane charge between $200-$240 per leg with price variation depending on how bent the forks were when they receive them



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S/W Australia
Fuck that sounds expensive X 4. Think I'll live with the pitting.
As for the BM the rusty bits are above the bottom clamp, below that it has gaiters so the important bits are still good.
As for the Motodd Marzos maybe a different supplier may have a set of stanchions from another source that has a better quality chrome.
On one of the stanchions the bottom leading edge was ever so lightly deformed and was binding with the fork leg make a horrible scrapping sound.
Had to diamond stone  the end till it slid nicely. Could have sent it back but was over having to pay postage to return dodgy products to the other side of the globe.


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Unless you are after Titanium Gold or Carbon Black-Chrome Coating or DLC (Diamond like Carbon) Coating it's just as well to purchase new if they are available.
DAM Classic Racing carries a range for Laverda, Guzzi, Ducati, and other Japanese classic like early Honda etc. and can order in most brands no problem. We haven't got everything on the shelf all the time, but they are usually only 1 or 2 days to order in.