Bike of the Month-Motoplast

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which of these takes your fancy?

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Some of you guys seem to be missing BOM. So in true Blue Peter fashion here is one I made earlier.

Happy voting


For more shots that didn't get posted check out this link:

Some shots from the track.

Option 1: No 23

Option 2: No 4

Option 3: California Dreamin

Option 4: Wart Hog

Option 5: Lean and Mean

Option 6: Spanish Delight

Option 7: Skeletor

Option 8: Shades of Grey



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Bloody hell Scrumpy - what a choice. It's like going into a bar full of ugly birds  :eek:

Think I will have to vote after I have had a few pints  :LOL:


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NRW, Germany
None of them? :eek:

Somehow, each and every one looks wrong in at least one way or another... ::)

Reckon I'll need a beer or 7 myself, cheers Pete! (cheers)


Tom Eatman

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They might be wierd and quirky but the're all still much better than those goofy chopper things that won't die and permantly disappear. Still look better than a lot of the new junk on today's roads.



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one more hideous than the other, but the first one is from the belgian importer, so that takes out from tha anonimous lumps of melted lava around world's greatest looking engine.


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In person, California Dreaming is actually a nice looking bike. I shot the top picture of it and am the guy leaning down toward the bike in the 2nd. Something about the Motoplast though...I like the frames but it seems really hard to get a decent set of clothes on it.


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Agree with Scott, nice looking frame but the clothes don't do it for me. Ugly tank shapes too. I'll also need several beers to decide which to vote for :eek:

Seems that there are a couple of different frames shapes, how many variations were made?


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Option 7: Skeletor, the best looking of the lot, bar the fairing and handlebars .... looks like the front wheel is fitted backwards, isn't it?.

I'm rather attracted to the the orange on orange!


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Having a low seat high probably is a good idea,lower centre of gravity but it must make a comfortable riding position bloody hard to achieve and even harder to get a flowing look  to the bodywork.The last pic defiantly has a better perspective,and then you see the end of the seat..


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I think it's the angles of the tops of the tank and seat unit that give the squatting dog look.
I know it's function over style but a few mesh infill panels for the frame fronts would help the esthetics
without changing the actual structures.
I do like Skeletor in a sort of tube fest sort of style.


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I reckon skeletor has the bodywork nearest to looking right except for that fucking awful fairing.

that looks the sort of shonky cheap piece of crap that gets nailed to the front of a blandit by someone who's into the shitfighter scene. It's horrid.

But the seat & tank look better than most of the others...

Reckon that of the others, california dreaming is my favourite, Spanish Delight runs it close but the exhaust looks wrong to my eyes.


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laverdaskidoo said:
Shades of grey some girls these bikes are best seen with the lights out.

Mind, you don't look at the mantlepiece when you're poking the fire...

the one place you can't see how truly bowfing some of these bikes are is from the saddle.


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you see my problem now with this frame: there is not one bodywork existing, that I am tempted to copy...  :mad:

The competition is 1 year to early, Jack...  ;)


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Hey Lothar, what type of frame do you have? I see 2 different designs with the photos posted.
Do you have any bodywork with your frame? Starting from scratch turns into a huge job if you undertake the project yourself. I'd never do it again!!
I'd want Boba to be my new best friend if I was you :D