Bike of the Month - March 2012

Which of these Spondon's would you like in your shed?

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"Piero's Bike" looks interesting and wild, yes, but it does not really tempt me.

Option 2 is nice in details with the seat looking just a bit like the Formula 500 seat (well - I said: Just a bit - right?), etc. and though the girl is nice with a nice 1980's haircut, it is not 100% mine...

Option 3 suffers a bit from black and silver (just as my Jota does) and to be honest, I never liked the rectangular tubes as frame tubes, neither on a SX600 nor on a Laverda (also not on the Heider Laverdas...)

Option 4: wow - what a bike... like the look, like the color, like who has made it. Just don't like that I am not the one who owns it actually...  >:D  :LOL: :LOL: my choice, definitely!

Option 5: who mounted a Laverda-Engine into a Guzzi chassis, please? Really looks to much Guzzi like for me (compare it with the 1100 Sport...)

Option 6: though I am also for adding power to the Laverda, this has almost nothing to do with Laverda anymore. It looks like a factory on wheels, not like a bike to me. Ugly, ugly, ugly... sorry, just my opinion...

The one that I really would love to ride and own would be the orange one built by Lance. I am envious, I have to admit...  :-[


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Gotta be Alloy Boy.. not only did I see it in construction, but I saw it do all those wonderful things in the hands of one or our most talented riders, Pete White at LAKESIDE Chris..(it's not all about you mate.. ;)

But you know what I like most about that project..yep, it's got a Laverda motor.. :LOL:



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Pity about its current look, Great job, but its trying a bit hard to be something its not, IMHO

I remember being entralled as a younger Lad when previous owner bought it to the 93 concours

Shame i was out of the loop when it got passed on  :(


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I evened it up by voting for alloy boy.  I'm biased since I did the rebuild into its current form.  It was quite a comprehensive job, including cutting the rear of the frame away and building a new one since it stuck down too low for any sort of contemporary ducktail. 

I can appreciate that some might think it now looks too modern for its period.  The look was the owners choice, though I think it looks well 'ard.  In the modern context a 120 on the rear of a bike with delusions of performance just looks plain silly (note I'm not saying it's not up to the job, just that it looks silly).

BTW, the buildup pics are on my website:

Steve B

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Well, I went for Ed?s babe.
Hard to chose between that and alloy boy. They are both very nice but with some details that I don't like to 100%.

The fairing on Eds babe is a bit to high and the RSV ducktail don't really fit the rest of the design on the Spondon. The polished wheels on the Spondon made it loose...

My humble opinion of cuorse....



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"SPIDER" said:
Yup, Tracy Neve it is, Oh, all of em!  :p
(But not the tart, coz that photo was taken seventies/eighties and she will now be as crumbly as me! :LOL:

Crumbly? Don't know about Tracy Neve but the bike is in lots of pieces, most of the wreckage is in north London but many bits have been lost. It snapped a camchain which caused a lot of collateral damage! This happened maybe 20 years ago. The owner dismantled the engine and dreamed about fixing it... Although I have not had any contact with him for many years now I strongly suspect that all he managed to achieve in the intervening years is to lose more bits! Whilst a part of me would very much like to try and acquire what remains of the bike there are very good reasons why I have not had any contact with him for 10 years or so. Anyways I strongly suspect he will not sell as he does not need the money (only son with wealthy parents) and more importantly he would no longer be depriving someone else the pleasure of building and using it.



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Hands down Ed's Babe wins, I remember seeing Ed's bike in 2005 at Willow Springs.  The bike is magnificent.  Lance did a super job, workmanship is out standing, carbon fiber fairing.  All custom built for a special client.


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Congratulations Ed a great bike 8). Plenty of people voting this month as well. Not sure if you have won before (probably featured 3 times now) but you are most welcome to tell us all about your bike and post more pics etc.



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Alloy Boy,

Laverda engine, Bimota SB3 swingarm at a guess, forks are off an F1 Ducati or Bimota SB4. Its got the lot.


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just spoken to No1 Spondon "Piero`s ride" owner (good mate of mine, UK East coast), after he made fantastic donation too my fundraising page.
Bike is fantastic as well and could be up for sale!!! Very reasonable price as well. I can tell you motor is "a good one" trying to keep up with him a few years ago.
PM me if you have interest and I can give you contact details (when I have a little more spare time) .