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Ohh, LKJ was one of the best concerts I attended back in the day! Shame that he left the music world.

Yes ....His viewpoints of life in the UK from a black person`s perspective may not appeal to everyone , or even be entirely accurate , but you can`t fault the musical backing on this album.....produced by Dennis Bovell ( Blackbeard ).

BTW the real Blackbeard ( the pirate Edward Teach ) came from Redcliffe in Bristol ( my home town )....
Well ..... that Two Ronnies skit sent me down the rabbit hole and I find myself listening to Jimmy Shand and then reading up on him I find out he was a motorcycle nutter and as per wikipedia "Being a keen motorcyclist, Shand was also an enthusiastic supporter and spectator at the annual Isle of Man TT races. He also sponsored a motorcycle road racer from Errol, Perthshire called Jack Gow, a multiple Scottish Motorcycle Racing champion and later a motorcycle dealer in Dundee."

I listened to Jimmy Shand as a wee 'un on a wind-up gramophone player along with Harry Lauder and the likes. No wonder I'm as fucked up as I am .....


Cover of a Tangent track .
Tangent were a Bristol based Shadows tribute band back in the `eighties and early `nineties formed by a schoolfriend of mine and his two brothers.... ex Shadows members Jet Harris and Alan Jones both guested with Tangent at various times when they played live...

Tangent stuff is still available via Delmer Productions....
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May as well make it a job lot, Johnette Napolitano is an Alien, a Trio is my core being.... this is why, 3 gifted instrument players. Surreal. Had moments in my trio's that transcend...