For Sale... Laverda RGS1000


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Hello forum dwellers.

Its been a long time since I last posted here, but I have finally decided to put my RGS1000 up for sale.  It was last on the road properly in 2011 after a reasonably comprehensive restoration by me.  However, life gets in the way, and after a house move, another car restoration and having a small child, I have realised that my enthusiasm for it has run its course.  Space in my garage is now at a premium, and I want to get on with other projects.

The bike is presently up in Glasgow with Keith Nairn of Laverda Scozia for fettling and recommissioning, and as soon as that is complete, then it will be available for a quick ish sale.  Keith is however a busy man, so I am not sure about how long it might take for the recommissioning and fettling to be completed.

I have owned the bike since about 2007 or so, and I am only the 3rd owner.  It came to me as a project that hadn't run since the early 90s.  The cam chain had broken, and the split link had vanished into the bottom of the engine.  No1 inlet valve had dropped and hit the pistion, but fortunately that was the extent of the carnage, as the previous owner had told me that this had all happened at a very low engine speed.  After a rebuilt cylinder head, and a full crank case split, the chain link was recovered and the engine has run well.  The black cycle parts have been refinished with gloss black powder coat, and the wheels have been powder coated gold also.  The red Bayflex panels remain in their original paint.  All chassis bearings are  new, and the forks have been rechromed and rebuilt.

As soon as I can figure out how to post a few pictures, then I will put up a couple from when I unearthed it from the depths of my garage in April, before it went to Keith, and before it had even been cleaned of the accumulated detritus of the last 9 years or so.

I would be interested in any offers from the Laverda Forum community.




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do I gather that your boke has been at Keith Nairns from April until now?
just for some recommissioning?