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Re: Laverda Museum
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Not following Clem, I don't use ratchet straps. Unnecessarily complicated and you don't need 3 tons of pressure either. Just bike tie-downs that don't slip attached to non-bendy bike parts,a half hitch is a good safety on the loose end as well. Even decent rope with a truckys hitch will do.101 trucky skills for even halfwits and blankets to pack where they might rub or rash as a mate used to say hope they had Insurance on the Museum bikes.BTW my dislike for ratchet straps came from my first use, a mate who was ex-army had a 50mm strap from a Hercules Aircraft we used once over 4 bikes on a trailer. It bent the trailer it was that powerful, compete overkill. We weren't moving Lepard tranks. All 4 of my tie-downs have been converted to spring-loaded Carabeenas, no open hooks. There stupidly dangerous and way to easy to come loose.
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Re: Laverda Museum
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My tie downs came from KTM, they have a soft strap on one end and a carabiner on the other, best tie downs I have ever used
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