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Re: Lionel Otto instruments (Australia)
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Ouch! That's a lot of money......

No excuse for a poor finish on the cases, that's the easy bit.  I refinished mine some years ago with a bit of body filler and some satin paint. Looked like new.  The hard bit is getting the clocks to run without wobbling all over the place.


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Re: Lionel Otto instruments (Australia)
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For that price Davo, I'd be sending them back and insisting they get it right. I'm with Pat on the cock-eyed logo, it would drive me nuts.

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Re: Lionel Otto instruments (Australia)
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Well I did a river crossing the other day on the bummer, being the first across and not knowing how soft the bottom was, a thrown rock disappeared in the mud, I probably went through it too quick and pretty much rode through a blanket of water, boots filled up, and so did my just refurbished speedo from Ottos. We haven't have any sun since the weekend so the inside of the speedo plastic face is still frosted with moisture. It was waterproof before I sent it off for refubishment.
After seeing what they did and charged for Davo's instruments and my experence, I don't think I'll be sending any of my instruments to them again.

And recrossing the same river, 20 kays further up

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Re: Lionel Otto instruments (Australia)
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Otto did a great job on redoing the meters for my 3CL a few years back. As I understood it then, they were in transition from one owner or lead guy to another...not sure. In any case, I was well pleased with the workmanship. Can't understand how they'd let that logo go.


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Re: Lionel Otto instruments (Australia)
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Looks like Otto's phone does dial out as I had a call today to say the tacho is all go, so picked it up, just finished putting it in and hey presto it works like a beaut!! So I am a happy man! He had to replace the electronics and re-balance the needle etc. All good.

BTW you can't get the speedo cable back on with the RGS fairing fitted, or at least I couldn't. So off with the fairing again, back on, now I can't adjust the headlight up far enough...... after dinner I'll go take it off again...sigh.
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Re: Lionel Otto instruments (Australia)
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In fairness, John Robertson, the owner of Otto's offered to have another go at sorting the gauges to my satisfaction. Mind you this was after he replied to my complaint re cost and quality with "I have looked at the photo and I can not see the logo issue?"

I am uncertain how postage each way and further cost of work and parts was going to be covered as I didn't bother asking. It will stay with a wonky logo as a reminder.