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Bravo to Lisa on the "speedy"Ducati and especially for Ian who campaigned the mighty Monty I hope I am capable of getting out there when I am your age.. :o ya funk wot..!!?? ;D

Mate, just turned 30 (plus a couple twice  ;) gotta keep you blokes honest..
What a great weekend with the REDAX crew and all the supporters..
Stoked mate.. see you next time..

Technical / Re: Headlamp bowl retainer thingy
« Last post by Grant on Today at 10:00 »
Can you post a photo of the rim at this point?
Technical / Headlamp bowl retainer thingy
« Last post by TStanb on Today at 09:51 »
See my headlamp bowl has a forked, hooked type appendage. What bit am I missing for attaching the rim to the bowl. What part do I ask for...if you can still get it?
General Discussion / Re: Weather where you are?
« Last post by Legs on Today at 09:40 »
Just spent a couple of days driving South Australian fire appliances to Armidale NSW, jeeze it's dry in the New England area and fires everywhere.
For Sale / Re: SFC Replica is back
« Last post by sfcpiet on Today at 06:50 »
Morphed into a 1972 model, but didn't get any better unfortunately.

Just found these ones.
first second and third.
Well what can you say that has not already been said?  An awesome weekend that had everything a Laverda inspired gathering has to offer.  The exhilaration of watching the Redax Team bikes circulating at the pointy end and being covered at the not so pointy end by Maurice and Ian had to be seen to be believed!

Excellent camera work by Brett and Rowdy Pat has also captured images that will go down in the annals of Laverda history.  Top Stuff!!
The squished image from Pat shows the magnificent view of the track where you can follow 90% of the race from one vantage point.  And this was where the Vic Lav Banner was flying (well strictly speaking tied to the fence) but facts have never got in the way of a good story with Laverdaisti.  ;)
While I am not in the same league as Pat with the lens work I have managed to capture an interesting image.  I will let others tell the story(s).

I don't think it has been pointed out that Black Betty, ably piloted by Maurice the Legend, finished in front of the Ducati Monster (#28) in every race!
Well done Lisa for keeping the pressure on him. While we haven't seen the best from you yet if you keep listening to the Throttle Whisperer the skys the limit!

Lastly, as TC numero due has shown, we are now a Drinking and Darting Club with a motorcycle problem.  Game on!
Best weekend since Droomsby won at the Sheene!
Luvs yas all,
(more pics to follow)

For Sale / Re: SFC Replica is back
« Last post by Lee87H on Today at 02:36 »
Did it get uglier? Maybe I just sobered up...
Really Bob? It's not that bad, if the price is right some one will love it.
General Discussion / Re: Laverda Accident Repair
« Last post by AndyW on Today at 00:42 »
As long as there's a brake-light and horn what else would you you possibly need/want?
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