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Title: OCT - Orange Cycle Team, Germany
Post by: Laverdalothar on May 11, 2011, 07:24
OCT is a small but very experienced company with a very large stock of new old parts (they bought 2 truck loads full of parts from Aprilia...).

Roger running the workshop and Dirk running the office is a good combination. They do a lot of engine work in house (such as complete head-rebuilds with their Sedi, crank repairs and balancing etc. etc.) and have a brought range of companies they work with for special repairs like alloy welding etc.. From Service to full restores - nothing impossible and always fair in price. They are THE address for all Zane engine rebuilds, parts supplies and service.

Contact details: (although it is in german, they do speak english, french and a bit of italian, too  ;) ). Website is not as good as Andy's, but the service and quality of work make them my favorite place to go.