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Re: old pictures
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2017, 10:36 »
wasn't there an abc doco recently on kettering?
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Re: old pictures
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Great stuff, Maurizio! Man, the memories come flooding back - I left in 1973 for trip#1. The colours, the distance, the dust - and the days when you took a shot every few days, pre-digital, so they really ended up being gems. I never had a camera back then, so no gems, but I've still got my yellow 20L gerry can panniers in the shed - will refit them one day and head out for some more adventure - no dirt left on the national hwy these days.
Durint trip#2 in '74 I made it alone on the SF from Nthn NSW, up the Bruce to Townsville, across to Three-Ways and up to Darwin during a big wet, over and through some crazy floods ... tales that would make a decent read if I ever pen the tales!
Thanks for posting.
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