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Technical / Re: VIN fill paitnting
« Last post by IAG on Today at 05:54 »
   Paint in stamping w/ enamel & wipe off excess using a small amount of thinner on a lint-free cloth or you can use something like this:
General Discussion / Re: The Aussie depository.....
« Last post by Legs on Today at 05:52 »
 :laugh: :laugh:
General Discussion / Re: Angel Nieto RIP
« Last post by Davo on Today at 05:38 »
Great to see the bikes lined up in the park at Aragon last night in his remembrance.
General Discussion / Re: MotoGP 2017
« Last post by Davo on Today at 05:36 »
Rossi 3rd in practice, wow again

Yep, gotta hand it to the old fuck, he can ride. I thought MM had it sewn up after that sizzling lap and then 3 of em went around quicker.
General Discussion / Re: The Aussie depository.....
« Last post by Shajota on Today at 05:26 »
Storm? Cows?.
To what do you refer Sir?
Storm - RL* side planted deep in enemy territory. As it's based in Melbourne all they have to do is be successful and will get plenty of support :o So, to do that they mainly plunder QLD for talent (chuck in a coupla kiwis) and are considered Qld's 4th side ;D
Cows - pride of NQ - never say die and great effort to get the GF. Hard pressed to see beating this storm outfit :( but won't give up

*RL - Rugby League - Highest rating seasonal sport on Aus TV.

Now what about that funny game they play in the Southern states - looks like they're giving one of the comps lesser lights a go in a GF against some interloper from SA. Fancy that, has SA turned butch - poor old Donny Dunstan would be rolling in his grave........... :P
Technical / Re: Harsh Cer Forks.
« Last post by Vince on Today at 05:20 »
Tried a couple of things on this Sunday ride, not the bumpiest road out of Sydney but it had enough to test what I had done. Last club night the discussion went to fork preload as one of the blokes had been doing his think on this. From the suspension bloke we both have used the latest thing is forget sag dimensions, just use 10mm spring preload so I gave it a go but did a sag measure to see what would happen. So with 10mm preload, that does NOT include the fork screw cap BTW
I got 47mm of sag. With my usual number of washers packing the spring,5. I got 36mm of sag. So it makes a fair bit of difference. I took a quick spin around the block with the lesser preload and didnt like the result, I have longer shocks and the forks through the trees and with this bigger sag it felt a far bit twitchier. The next experiment was after lots of thought as to what I was trying to dial out. On really big bumps the bike kicks hard and on smaller bumps into corners, I would get this small bouncing feeling through the bars. I am thinking I don't have enough rebound damping to absorb the spring effects, so I tried some 20 wt fork oil at my usual 130mm fork fully compressed and springs and emulators out and I really liked the result. Much reduced kicking of big bumps and no bounce that I could detect. There is an effect called packing where the fork reacts to a bump and doesn't return fast enough to deal with the next bump resulting in the fork freezing, didnt have this happen. Using heavier oil is the only way to slow rebound damping but it affects compression damping as well, I am at 3 turns of preload on the emulator and that's now too hard so its back to 2 1/2 turns and I will see what that does. This is a good result to me in this search for a compliant and working well for me fork. BTW I am a fat bastard at 125kg so this might not work for other applications.
After the emulator adjustment, I will try the reduced to 10mm preload again on a longer ride to check its effect

General Discussion / Re: 15771 having a sleepover
« Last post by Piranha Brother 2 on Today at 05:19 »
Shaeze Marty!! Is that what you pulled out of that SF1 motor???!!!  :-\ :o :o :-\
General Discussion / Re: The Aussie depository.....
« Last post by Piranha Brother 2 on Today at 05:16 »
The way a lot of those Tigers were sooking and bawling after the win, you'd think they'd already won their Grand Final............
I'll be barracking for them but they might have cooked their own goose.  :-\

And I'll be stuck in Darwin with work. Hope they've got TVs up there.
I was at the semi final, Bulldogs v GWS in Sydney last year, and believe me, it didn't really matter whether they won the granny or not, the emotion from that semi win was incredible. The GF was just another game after that, win or lose.

Won't be an easy task for the Tiges, but the belief you get from a win like last nights can make a big difference. It will surely be one massive tussle from two super tough contenders who don't like to give in and don't mind getting hurt.

General Discussion / Re: The Aussie depository.....
« Last post by Legs on Today at 05:10 »
An actual watchable sport as opposed to fumbleball.
Check out the attendance figures Drikko :D
Technical / Re: 750 Starter drive
« Last post by Piranha Brother 2 on Today at 05:05 »
You mean the starter clutch? The thing on the end of the crank? You don't need to pull the clutch itself apart, which is riveted together. I've never used grease in mine (lost count at 250,000km, no speedo since 1977 when it read 63,000 miles - 100,000km). It does require maintenance, usually pull it off (get yourself a puller - DON'T forget, LEFT HAND THREAD on RH crank end!!), remove the rollers, the little pistons and the springs that sit inside the pins, which are usual in pieces. Clean it all up, fit new springs and refit. I do mine when I hear it start to rattle at idle - maybe the grease thing works but I've never tried it, so can't comment.

If the pistons are stuck fast it is possible to ascertain the exact angle (i made a little metal template and scored lines) , mill a flat for the drill to centre on and then drill from outiside into the bore. Then it's fixed forever, cos you just poke out the stuck pins with a prod.
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