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General Discussion / Re: music in the shed
« Last post by rowdypat on Today at 19:39 »
The fridge certainly copped a beating.
Technical / Zane cam chain
« Last post by strike750 on Today at 19:35 »
I was reading about the impending shortage of cam chains for Zane bikes. Really a question for Piet (apologies) would it be a possible thing to change the cog on crank and cams to suit a new more common type of chain.
 The hertz/frequency is probably more important....most chargers/powersupplies are 50/60hz these days.   But if its makred 50hz only, dont plug it into a 60hz outlet (in USA).... .  Normally ok to plug a 60hz charger into 50hz.
Actually mostly 50 Hz applications work well with 60 Hz. Switched mode powersupplies usually work well with either frequency.
The biggest problem is mostly if 60 Hz iron core transformer is connected to 50 Hz. This is due to partial transformer core saturation which heats it up to destruction. As a common rule of thumb 50 Hz iron core transformers work well with 60 Hz.
Technical / Re: Crossover gear lever physics
« Last post by helicopterjim on Today at 18:36 »
I'll have to look at mine ...... I have the original style crossover on the 3C and the later style with factory rearsets on the Formula. I think the shift lever itself is longer on the crossover models than the shift lever that is on the RHS. Perhaps it has to do with the leverage that the longer crossover type shift lever allows.

General Discussion / Re: this weeks bargain (Feb 19th)
« Last post by helicopterjim on Today at 18:24 »
They have lots of "bargain" parts for sale.
Technical / Re: Rgs rear brake
« Last post by Ventodue on Today at 16:44 »
Try replacing the master cylinder piston and seals.

Mine is #5264, 1977 model
French it is, thanks to Paul's assistance, It's also a 3CL but an earlier version then yours JLO
French bodywork as well  ;)

For Sale / Aprilia RSV Factory (06)
« Last post by Volki on Today at 14:07 »
Hi all,

have found 2 bikes in swizerland.
A Laverda 1000 3CL and a (race) Aprilia 1000 Factory V2.
The Laverda is running but stand still the last 15 years.
The Aprilia was transformated to a racebike.
The old owner had a exident.
He fall of on the rigth side.
Damaged the tank and handlebar and fairing.
He buyed a new race fairing and seat and stoped the work.
Also all the normal stuff (fairing, indicators...) is in boxes there. Instead the Instrument.
If anyone looks after things like that i can send pics with a mailadress (PM).

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