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General Discussion / Re: New Laverda films on a DVD
« Last post by Rob on Today at 23:20 »
Wow - a lot of hard work there, Thomas!  Congratulations on coming up with a great idea and then delivering a superb production.  I've placed an order (I hope!)
NALOC Revival / Re: NALOC roll call thread.
« Last post by Eurocycleguy on Today at 22:58 »
Larry Pepper
East Dundee, IL (40 miles west of She Ka go)
Technical / Re: Unobtainium or Not?
« Last post by IAG on Today at 22:51 »
Hey Larry, good to see you back on the forum. I have an American Eagle bare frame so I'd be happy to help with any measurements.
General Discussion / New Laverda films on a DVD
« Last post by Thomas aus LAU on Today at 22:22 »
Hello Laverdisti,

in addition to he many small selfmade youtube-films, we wanted to bring  the feeling and sound when you are driving with a Laverda on a DVD.
With a big crew, six Laverdas, one Blues-guitare player, many beer und much more time, we produced two films, which you can find now on a DVD.

We wanted to be authentic, so we recorded all scenes and even the music-part only one time.
Corresponding to the high Laverda quality, we created a perfect case with a booklet in a numbered, limited edition of 549.

This film is dedicated to all Laverda owners who still ride their bikes with lifeblood and enthusiasm in their natural habitat. The Moto Laverda is often frowned upon in a society where more and more environmentally compatible bikes are being developed with new technology. All the more, a Laverda makes the heart, of those who still have a drop of gasoline running through their veins, beat faster. The unmistakable appearance, details developed to the point of perfection and the unique sound, all combine to a motorcycle a machine, and out of the machine…a Laverda!
Our aim in this film has been to inspire all those whose “treasure” is stored away, disassembled in boxes in the corner of a dusty garage, waiting for its day of “glory”. Also, to stir those who are in possession of bikes which are beautifully polished but stand without patina, unused and lifeless in a sterile museum or office.
A Laverda should ideally be ridden with passion, or not at all!

It’s the drop of gasoline in the biker’s blood, which makes that possible.

          “There are people who don’t ride a Laverda,
          you don’t usually hear much from them at all!”

                                                              Hubert Rödl

You can find three trailer, some pictures and a possibility to order on .

The LCO projectteam  oft he Laverda Connection Oberpfalz wishes you much fun – play it loud!
Technical / Unobtainium or Not?
« Last post by Eurocycleguy on Today at 20:53 »
Hello Everyone,
I am looking for dimensional specs for an early SF frame. 
I do have an engine to check the mounting points but I would like to check out the remaining frame as well.

Back story:
I have a spare SF frame that I purchased as an incomplete bitsa bike. This bitsa had an old-style GT tank and body work. The body work and frame had been repainted orange and silver respectively. (You can guess the "look" someone was going after). At some time in its past the frame had been damaged either by impact or loose engine mounting bolts. The right side down tube has been repaired just above the engine mount plate and the gusset between the two tubes at this same point has been replaced. All of this work has been performed poorly.
So, I have placed the frame in the hands of Framecrafters to evaluate and repair. The frame will be blasted clean for better examination and then work will begin.

Comic aside:
I suppose the frame dimensions I am asking about are in the Ark and is guarded by a herd of solid silver Unicorns. :laugh:

Well I need to ask, if you don’t ask you don’t get.
 :D :D
General Discussion / Re: Low Sun
« Last post by AndyW on Today at 19:58 »
I guess a potentially worse scenario is when you are riding along with a low sun on your back...

Can't see where you've been?🤓
General Discussion / Re: Weather where you are?
« Last post by henrywillms on Today at 17:53 »
Be safe Jim. Manitoba (2000 km or 1200 miles east of the BC fires, for you non Canucks) so far has not had any significant fire activity. We have sent some firefighters your way.  Also we have the Canadian Fire Coordination center here and some Aussies have shown up to help plan assistance they will be helping with.  However I have not seen any additional Laverdas about...I thought every Aussie owned one. 
Ride and Race reports / Re: OZ BEARS - 2017
« Last post by Davo on Today at 16:44 »
Well done. Great looking bikes. Where have Red's legs gone?
General Discussion / Re: Weather where you are?
« Last post by helicopterjim on Today at 15:43 »
Getting clobbered again Paul? Stay safe. A contingent of Australian firefighters are on their way to BC.

We have 50 of them here ........ any chance another 500 or so? It's not going that good ..... even though we got some rain last night but now we are forecast into proper summer weather with temps of 25-35 degrees. The last 2 weeks has been colder than normal and we have had fires grow to over 124,000 hectares. Over 37,000 people evacuated from their homes in central British Columbia.

I expect I won't get much time off between now and October .........
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