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Technical / Re: The 750 saga continues
« Last post by phil37 on Today at 16:08 »
The DMC II works fine with the stock coils.


Thanks - Phil
Technical / Re: twistgrip
« Last post by phil37 on Today at 16:07 »
Thanks for info Paul - Regards - Phil
Technical / Re: twistgrip
« Last post by Paul H on Today at 15:40 »
The one you posted Phil - it looks like it might have a ramped surface. This is the holy grail IMHO, as it gives finer control at low speed, where we need it, but the throttle opens quickly when zoomin about.

I did it myself many years ago, DIY stylee, only abaddoned as it still wasnt quite quick enough (for me).

Technical / Re: twistgrip
« Last post by Paul H on Today at 15:31 »
Hard to say Phil. They are all so bloomin similar, millions of 'em.

Best thing I can do is post some pics of the tube I was supplied by Yambits (who know what they are doing and supplied under that specific ebay lmodel listing),  and say 'this one works'....

Here you can see the difference in efffective radius. See the green line for easy comparison. The Yam (white-new) one has the cable riding on a plain surface, the original(?) one has the cable running in a groove.

Here we look at the width - Yam a tad wider, and I seem to remember taking an smidgen off with wet-n-dry for smooth running.
General Discussion / Re: Ordering 2018 Calendars
« Last post by Grant on Today at 14:22 »
3 folk still to pay...

Calendars were collected today and I'll get them packed up and addressed over the weekend.
Hopefully get them sent out Monday or so.
Technical / Re: twistgrip
« Last post by Paul H on Today at 13:27 »
Yes, I wonder how many folk don't realise there is a whole other bike hiding under the second handful.

For me and my bike, a faster throttle pull was essential. That plus better brakes. I'm talking S1 Jota here. These 2 things brought the bike to my liking. When 'getting on' I found that either moving my right hand or having my arm at contortionist angles wasn't the best.

The difference is not massive, we are not talking of a 'trigger' throttle scenario. The Yam tube fits within the standard Suzuki housing but only just about. The cable does rub very slightly on the top front edge of the cable outer guide.

I bought the tube from Yambits (UK) back in 2007. The ebay description was YAMAHA RD 200 250 RD350 YDS YR RS100  THROTTLE TUBE. They are not on Ebay any more, I think.

Beware though, check for compatability and alignment as you go. I recommeded this to a friend, who snapped a cable within 500 miles. There must have been something set up wrong, as mine has been OK over a decade and thousands of miles.
General Discussion / Re: Carlo (cbertozz) is down
« Last post by Gravelroad on Today at 13:09 »
Best wishes to Carlo for getting well soon. Broken shoulder blade, that sounds like he went through a full blown highsider...ouch! :o That nasty shit seems somewhat the backside of the medal on the modern sports bike layouts.
General Discussion / Re: any short-arses here ?
« Last post by phil37 on Today at 12:54 »
I hope to be 5"8 someday...

Wow - that's nearly 6 inches   ;D ;D
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